Bunga in NYC

Live Debate + Book Launch: The End of The End of History

Join us at the Verso Loft for a live debate to mark the North American launch of The End of the End of History.

Alex Hochuli, host of the global politics podcast, Aufhebunga Bunga, will be in conversation with Amber A’Lee Frost and other special guests on the themes of the Aufhebunga Bunga book: the end of the liberal-democratic consensus, the rise of anti-politics, new culture wars, and more!

This event is hosted in association with our friends at Damage Magazine.

Damage Magazine will be holding an all-day, semi-public summit the next day, Saturday, November 20th, also at the Verso Loft. There will be sessions on the sex recession, Stanley Aronowitz’s False Promises, paper presentations, and more. If you would like to register for the summit on the 20th, please email editors@damagemag.com with your name, institutional affiliation (if any), and a paragraph indicating why you would like to participate in the summit and that you are willing to do a significant amount of reading in preparation for the summit.

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