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Aufhebunga Bunga is the global politics podcast at the End of the End of History. Our starting point is that the ‘End of History’, in which Western liberal democracy was held to be ‘the final form of human government’, is now over. Instead, we are seeing crumbling of the technocratic managerialism that ruled Europe and North America until 2016. We’ve seen the common sense of liberal politics upended by Trump and by Brexit. We are watching the decline of American hegemony play out in regions around the world. And the rising powers everyone expected to take over have refused to do so. No one’s in control. And we’ve seen the pundits and the polls getting it wrong again and again and again.  At the end of the End of History, they have nothing left to say.

On this podcast, we chart what’s emerging and what comes next. With help from a range of contributors, we scan the globe high and low to understand the politics, economics, and culture of the new era. New show every Tuesday, with more regular updates when events require.

Aufhebunga Bunga is produced out of the UK and Brazil, by Alex Hochuli, George Hoare and Philip Cunliffe.

We can be contacted by private message on all social media, or by email at info [at] bungacast dot com.