Bunga Elsewhere


Alex has an essay in American Affairs, arguing that decline and crisis in core capitalist countries is best understood a Brazilianization: not just inequality and oligarchy, but cynicism, anti-politics, indeterminacy, and the End of History – these are all facets of Brazil’s early encounter with…

The Age of Technopopulism

George reviewed Christopher Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti’s new book on ‘technopopulism’ in Damage Magazine. By presenting technopopulism as the overarching “logic” of contemporary democratic politics, Bickerton and Invernizzi Accetti’s account suggests that political conflict today is between different types of technopopulists, rather than between…

Legacy of anti-corruption

Alex was on The Brazilian Report’s Explaining Brazil podcast to discuss the legacy of Operation Car Wash, the massive anti-corruption investigations that saw Lula sentenced and removed from the political game.

After Left Populism, Part Two: Pro-Worker Conservatism in the UK

George was in Damage Magazine, following up his article on where the Left will go after left-populism, exploring the future of pro-worker conservatism in the UK. He also appeared on the Space Commune podcast talking about the “Management of Populist Disillusionment”


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