Reviews of the book

Adam Tooze in Chartbook

“a daring rereading of Fukuyama’s end of history thesis. [The authors] spell out the class politics of the end of history, the depoliticizing logic of neoliberalism and postulate a dynamic through which it will be surpassed and overcome.”

Sam Kriss in First Things

“a very insightful and very entertaining text… a book that manages to make sense of the transformations of the last decade… the Bunga boys manage to take all the disparate strands of our era and weave them into a coherent story about the world.”

Jason Mueller in Critical Sociology

“a valuable contribution to debates on politics, populism, and social change. It not only offers a way to understand and theorize the present, but a way to map
a path forward, as we collectively deal with the breakdown of the neoliberal world system.”

Park MacDougald in American Affairs

“Hochuli, Hoare, and Cunliffe are aware of this dynamic, noting in a final chapter on the ‘political ideologies of the future’ that the professional-managerial Left, lacking any organic connection to the working class, may find itself conscripted into the defense of the ailing status quo.”

Dan Taylor in Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

“a brilliant little guide to this moment. Pugnacious and sparky, it’s shaped by a deep internationalism, commitment to working class socialism and a wickedly irreverent humour that takes no prisoners.”

Forum on the book in New Perspectives journal

Contributions from:
Anton Jäger – The illusions of the end
Daniel Zamora Vargas – History without engines
Richard Sakwa – The end of endism
Nicholas Kiersey – Left anti-politics or Left populism?