OK BUNGER! The Problem of Generations, pt. 4


The fourth in a special five-part series on generational consciousness and conflict.
In this episode, we examine Generation X – the generation of the End of History. How was this generation overshadowed by the Boomer’s failures? In the Eastern Bloc, the fall of Soviet regimes was a traumatic moment – how did this shape consciousness? And how did the Iranian Revolution – and subsequent war – shape the political perspectives of Iranians?
Guests include:
  • Maren Thom, film scholar
  • Alexei Yurchak, professor of anthropology at Berkeley 
  • Jennie Bristow, senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Josh Glenn, semiotician, author, and publisher of HiLoBrow
  • Arash Azizi, historian of Iran at New York University
  • Felix Krawatzek, political scientist at the Centre for East European and International Studies in Berlin
Original music by: Jonny Mundey
Additional music:

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