Excerpt: OK Bunger! The Problem of Generations, pt. 5


The fifth and final part of a series on generational consciousness and conflict.

This is an excerpt. For the full episode, subscribe at patreon.com/bungacast

In this episode, we examine the Millennials and Generation Z. Uniquely, generation war today seems to be a conflict over resources more than over values. Is there any basis for this, and what do Millennials actually want? With generational and class conflict seemingly bound together today, we analyse ‘Generation Left’ and ‘Millennial Socialism’. And we ask what the effect of the pandemic may be on the creation of a Gen Z consciousness.

Guests include:

  • Paul Taylor, former director, Pew Research
  • Jennie Bristow, senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Helen Andrews, senior editor at The American Conservative
  • Clive Martin, journalist who has written for VICE Magazine
  • Josh Glenn, semiotician, author, and publisher of HiLoBrow
  • Jennifer Silva, assistant professor in sociologist, Indiana University

Original music by: Jonny Mundey

Additional music:

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