/329/ Justice Warriors ft. Matt Bors & Ben Clarkson


On depicting dystopia.

Acclaimed cartoonists, writers and artists Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson join us for something a little different: to talk about their new comic book, Justice Warriors. Set in a grotesquely unequal world, a police procedural (of sorts) encounters an astrology-based social movement seeking justice.

We talk about how dystopian fiction often serves to manufacture consent and about how fiction can confront us with images of social decline. We also debate free will and determinism in a world that presents few opportunities, social justice warriors and politics that perpetuate the present, and why there is no ‘pure’ people set against the elite.


  • Justice Warriors, Matt Bors, Ben Clarkson, Felipe Sobreiro, Simon & Schuster
  • The Nib – political satire & cartoons

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