/305/ Techno-Feudal Unreason


On “techno-feudalism”.

In the Bungacast Reading Club for patrons, we’ve been discussing various works on “neo-feudalism” – a thesis that tries to explain capitalist stagnation and inequality by arguing that we are moving beyond capitalism – toward something worse. 

In this free episode, we discuss one of the most thoroughgoing critiques of this thesis: Evgeny Morozov’s “Critique of Techno-Feudal Reason“. 

Why has this thesis becomes so popular today, across the political spectrum? What is the economic and political logic of feudalism, and how do current trends supposedly indicate a resurgence of these logics? Why have Marxists, who draw such a clear line between feudalism and capitalism, believe that politically-driven expropriation is replacing exploitation

And how do Big Tech companies make money – purely through rent, or do they produce commodities? 

To join the Reading Club, sign up for $10 at patreon.com/bungacast 


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