/200/ The World In One Country ft. Many Guests


On world history, 1900-2020.

For our 200th episode special, we pose the question: “If you had to study the history of only one country from 1900-2020, and thereby understand the history of the whole world, which would you pick?”

We invited 10 contributors to each pitch one country, whose particularities capture the universal sweep of world history from the start of the 20th century till now.

Vote for which you think is best, and we’ll have the top 3 back on to discuss in more depth: Link to voting page

Running order:

  • (18:20) Germany – Dominik Leusder
  • (23:02) Greece – Jonas Kyratzes
  • (27:57) India – David Adler
  • (33:46) Indonesia – Vincent Bevins
  • (38:25) Iraq – Liam Meissner
  • (44:03) Italy – David Broder
  • (49:19) Mexico – Roger Lancaster
  • (54:01) Taiwan – Nic Johnson
  • (59:44) Turkey – Arash Azizi
  • (01:04:32) Yugoslavia – Lily Lynch

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