/169/ Authoritarian Liberalism and Its Discontents ft. Amber A’Lee Frost & Daniel Bessner


On the Biden administration and Trumpist reaction.  

We discuss the riot at the US Capitol and why it was not a (failed) coup attempt. How serious was the event, and what next for Trumpist reaction – will it lead to a split in the Republican Party?

Our guests – journalist Amber Frost and political science academic Daniel Bessner – help us preview what the Biden administration has in store for the US. With Democratic control of both houses, it should be able to pass legislation – but does it have any substantial plans to do so? In foreign policy, we can expect more foreign adventurism and at home, an ominous anti-domestic terrorism bill. Does the alliance of the Democrats with an increasingly domineering Silicon Valley signal the coming-out moment of authoritarian liberalism?


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