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Regular listeners of Aufhebunga Bunga – one of the best left podcasts around – will be happy to see some of the ideas developed on the podcast – post-politics, anti-politics, and the eminently useful Neoliberal Order Breakdown Syndrome (NOBS) – formalized in this book. The authors are developing an indispensable orienting theory in conversation with some of the best minds on the Left.

Suddenly we find ourselves thrown into a time of chaos and confusion, breakdown and decline. This short, smart book navigates a terrain of ideological mystification and encourages us to take a sober look at the balance of forces going into this tumultuous period, waking from the boredom of the end of history.

It’s been a long time since a text was so useful… a clear, powerful and panoramic analysis of our world at the dawn of the 2020s… and very surprisingly for a theoretically sophisticated work, it’s also a page-turner. A valuable tool for deciphering our very messy political condition.