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After Left Populism, Part Two: Pro-Worker Conservatism in the UK

George was in Damage Magazine, following up his article on where the Left will go after left-populism, exploring the future of pro-worker conservatism in the UK. He also appeared on the Space Commune podcast talking about the “Management of Populist Disillusionment”

Moral Minoritarianism from the Ashes of Left Populism

From its initial task of rethinking mobilization for an age of demobilization, the aim of the remaining Left populists will be to manage mobilization in an age of potential remobilization.

From Anti-Politics to Authoritarian Restoration in Brazil

Two years on from his election, the anti-political wave that Jair Bolsonaro rode to office appears to have ebbed. In its place we are seeing a restoration of the reactionary forces that have ruled the country for most of its history.